Fall sports injury update

Emily McNicholas, Reporter

Who:  Nick Moore (’19)

Injury:  Broken left collar bone

What Happened:  While running for a touchdown during varsity football practice, Moore was tackled by a teammate.  He landed on his left shoulder and later found out he had broken his collar bone.

Coach Evans Says:  “Nick had a lot to offer and so much potential to aid our team.  He was a possible starter.”

Return Date:  First week of Oct.


Who:  Joe Inglisa (’19)

Injury:  Broken middle finger on left hand, and had 4 pins inserted

What Happened:  During a defensive play, Inglisa got hit but didn’t realize his finger was broken until he caught a pass and saw how crooked his finger was.

Coach Evans Says:  “Joe is a very positive player and hard worker but hey, next man up.”

Return Date:  Undetermined


Who:  Danielle Maggio (’18)

Injury:  Torn ACL and partial torn of MCL on right leg

What Happened:  In mid-Aug, Maggio was defending a Mercy soccer player as she was dribbling the ball down the field.  Maggio stepped in front of player with her right foot and as their knees collided she hit the ground as her knee locked.

Teammate Lily Robertson (’19) Says: “Danielle was a huge loss to us this year, and her injury set our team back a lot.  She was our leading goal scorer and took all of our corner kicks.”

Return Date: She will be out for 7-9 months and plans to work hard to return to soccer next year at Charleston Southern University.


Who: Tre’ Harrison (’18)

Injury: Shattered right ring finger

What Happened:  Harrison was preparing for his last year of football tryouts when he smashed his finger while using dumbbells in the weight room a week prior.

Coach Evans Says:  “We are anxiously awaiting Tre’s return.”

Return: He is expected to return mid-Oct.


Who:  Raven Alban (’18)

Injury:  Grade two AC joint separation in his shoulder

What Happened:  While trap blocking his teammate, Alban (’18) hit him with his shoulder which suddenly gave out.

Coach Evans Says:  “Raven is a captain and leader to our team, starting on the defensive and offensive line.  Someone needs to step up.”

Return Date:  Late Oct.