Rec Ultimate Frisbee flies into Hereford

Haley Gilmore

     The Hereford Recreation Council is starting an Ultimate Frisbee team. Even if you don’t know how to play, the coaches will teach you. Yes, it is competitive, but it’s also being played to have fun. Everyone is coming out to have a good time. Ultimate Frisbee Rules are played differently for pick-up games depending on where and who the game is played. But, the rules are simple.

     The game starts with each team lining up on its end zones as the team with the Frisbee “kicks-off.” This is when the other team pulls. The term “pull” means that they throw the Frisbee as far down the field as they can so the defense has time to run to the other side and give the offense bad field position. The disc may be tossed in any direction by completing a pass to a teammate. After catching a pass, a player is must come to a stop as quickly as possible.

     Normally, the player is allowed around three steps before coming to a stop. The player can also throw the disc before stopping within the first couple of steps after they gain control of the Frisbee. When throwing the Frisbee, one can also catch their own pass as long as another player touches the Frisbee while it is in the air.

     Once a player has the Frisbee, they have 10 seconds to pass it and the closest defender counts out loud. An incomplete pass leads to a change of possession. When this happens the defense becomes the offense and gains possession of the Frisbee where it was dropped or thrown out of bounds. An “ultimate play” is when a player jumps within bounds to catch a Frisbee that was passed out of bounds and throws it back in bounds before their feet touch the ground.

     To score, an offender must catch the Frisbee in the end zone, similar to football. A recent rule change states that a defender can score by intercepting the Frisbee in the end zone they are defending. After a point is scored, the teams switch sides. The team who just scored remains in that end zone and the opposing team walk to the opposite end zone and play resumes just as it started.

     The only time play stops is if there is a foul, violation, an injury, substitution, or inclement weather. A foul occurs if there is intentional contact between players. Violations occur when a player travels with the disc or players are double teaming, which is when two defenders are covering one attacker. Substitution is permitted for injured players or after a point is scored. Each team is allowed two timeouts per half and half-time occurs when one team scores seven points. There is no official referee so players are expected to be honest when playing.

     The Hereford team needs 40 people to compete. To sign up, visit the Hereford Rec. website. The $65 cost includes a Frisbee and a jersey. All you need is a pair of cleats!