Clutch play leads to double overtime

30 seconds left. The fans are on the edge of their seats. The parents are yelling and cheering for their kids. North Harford’s men’s soccer team is up 1-0 against Hereford.

Connor Hillary sprints ahead and scores the tying goal with 12 seconds left. The crowd roars as the game goes into overtime followed by double overtime, as the tenacious defense of both teams prevented any more goals.

The game ended in a tie, making Hereford’s record 2-3-2. The team has improved since the beginning of the season, suffering no losses in their past four games.

Their upcoming game against Perry Hall is sure to be close. “They are very senior heavy and very quick.  We’ll keep working hard and will continue to refine our tactics,” head coach Lacko said regarding his Hereford Bulls. The young team, composed of eight sophomores, eight juniors, and 2 seniors, is still learning and adjusting and is proving to be a fierce competitor on the field.