Guidance moves to second floor

“What location change,” said James Kobbe (’15). Many students ask this question as they hear the news of the guidance counselors’ offices moving. Several kids visit their guidance counselor on a daily basis to discuss scheduling conflicts or individual issues. Seniors are constantly consulting their counselor for advice about the college application process, future careers, and the road they are going to take after graduation. The guidance counselors’ offices on the first floor are about to undergo some renovations. As a result, they will have temporary offices on the second floor.
Other classrooms are moving to renewed rooms at the same time. New math teacher Shelby Haacke said that it may be a little chaotic since there are a lot of rooms moving in addition to the guidance offices.

“It will be very distracting to the classrooms around [the counselors’ office] with teachers moving in and out of it, students moving in and out of it, and parents moving in and out of it,” said Haake.

“Why would I care,” said James. Some students don’t care and feel that they won’t be affected by the change.

“I don’t think it will impact us that much,” said Danielle Maggio (’18).

However, some disagree and believe that the move to the second floor will be much less convenient.

The move to the second floor will no longer be directly across the hall from the main office. After signing into the office, students and parents will have to be directed upstairs instead of right across the hall. This may result in some confusion. Even students that visit their counselor less frequently will be affected.

Kylie Nause (’18) said that some room renovations are hard to work around but the room won’t change.

“I think walking between trailers is a struggle, but just going upstairs won’t be,” said Kylie.

The moving process is “a lot of work, but we work well together,” said Secretary Jackie Bowersox. “It will be worth it in the long run.”

Counselors think that maybe for a while this will affect them but when the renovations in the office on the first floor are complete, it will be beneficial to them and the school community.

The guidance counselors’ temporary office is a classroom with a secretary’s desk as soon as you walk in. If you are looking for the guidance office, there is a sign above room 203.

“I personally think that students should be more aware of the change,” said Maren DiNenna (’16).