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  • Following the initiation of an inquiry into impeachment from the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, President Trump released the transcript from his call with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky as well as the […]

  • Being someone who transferred to Hereford last year, there were many differences between my old school and here. The one that stuck out to me the most had to be the lack of spirit and fans at sporting events, […]

  • Students and adults alike joined forces on Friday, September 20, 2019. Activists from over 150 countries worldwide took to the streets to demand climate justice. This mass demonstration demanded the attention of […]

  • adviser wrote a new post, Don't Be Tardy 2 weeks ago

    Class is supposed to end at 2:15, and even though the bell rings at that time students are held in their class until all of the buses arrive. Coming from the middle school to the high school seems to be an […]

  • adviser wrote a new post, Mario Kart Wee! 2 weeks ago

    Mario Kart Tour, I know you’ve heard of it, I know you want to play it, I know it’s the best thing since Fortnite came out on IOS. Mario Kart Tour is the newest, hottest app on the app store. Released on Sept. 25 […]

  • The Bull Run Invitational remains one of Maryland’s most popular annual cross country
    meets, held at Hereford High School in Parkton Maryland. The three mile race was held
    Saturday, September 21, 2019. The […]

  • The prospect of college applications is chilling as the class of 2021 watches the seniors write their essays and begin submissions. We’ve all grown up, fed the notions that the endgame of school is to be a […]

  • Around four million students and adults took to the streets on Sept. 20 to protest the current stage of climate change on Earth. These protests are estimated to be the largest in history and took place in a wide […]

  • adviser wrote a new post, March 2019 1 month ago









  • Mikey Timmerman is a junior at Hereford High school, this is his first-year writing for the harbinger. Last year Timmerman wrote articles for honors journalism and focused on sports articles. This year as a sports […]

  • Sophomore Joan Steinly-Marks is a first-year reporter for the Harbinger. She was named the Online Editor and hopes to increase readership and attention to the website. In her free time Steinly-Marks enjoys reading […]

  • El Schriver (’21) is a junior at Hereford High School partaking in her second year of journalism and her first year on the Harbinger staff. Schriver’s favorite class is English because she loves to write. She is p […]

  • Bailey Perez (’20) has been a part of the Harbinger staff for two years. Moving to the Hereford Zone in fifth grade, Perez assimilated quickly with the help of her friendly and inviting personality. Aside from […]

  • Elizabeth Pellegrini (’21) is a reporter for the Harbinger going into her first year on the staff. Pellegrini enjoys horsebackriding and making art in her free time. During the summer, Pellegrini works at the M […]

  • Chloe Parker (’20) is keeping up her role as a sports reporter this year as well as taking on the managing position for social media. Parker has been a member on the staff since her freshman year. Outside of the P […]

  • Although you may see Rebecca Meldron (‘20) every Monday on the morning announcements, she is also a second-year staff member within our community pages. On top of her active role in the newspaper, she interns at B […]

  • Conor McCue (’20) is entering his second year as business manager for the harbinger. McCue has ran track and cross-country since sophomore year and is excited to continue the sport his senior year. He is also i […]

  • Nola Mak is a community reporter. This is her first year on staff and she is excited to work and engage in the Hereford community. She plays as a defensive specialist on Hereford’s varsity volleyball team. In a […]

  • Elle Lochary (’20) has been in journalism for two years. She enjoys being involved in the community and illustrating for the paper as well as writing. Along with the passion that she has to contribute to the […]

  • Jack Kruger (’20) is a writer for the opinion section of the Hereford Harbinger. Along with this, Jack is an illustrator, sharing the political cartoon section with Keegan Whittle (’20). Another class he enjoys i […]

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