Wellness fair promotes healthy habits


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Henry Hottenstein, Opinion Editor

On the 15th, Hereford will have its first annual wellness fair. The wellness fair aims to provide strategies and coping skills to do with many aspects of oneself. Activities at the wellness fair will be developed by students.   

“My goal is to have everyone involved in something, and learning something new that they never tried before,” counselor Tanya Zegers said. “Something like self-care.”  

The event is being organized through Active Minds, an international organization that works toward mental health awareness, advocacy, and promoting wellness.  

“Advocacy for anxiety and depression, and any kind of mental illness is important, especially with how stressed students can be,” Ellie Thea (’23)said, Active Minds member.   

Wellness is the act of practicing healthy habits daily to attain better physical and mental health outcomes, so that instead of just surviving, you’re thriving. The wellness fair will include many activities relating to anything from self-care to self-improvement. 

“There are a lot of activities that happen on the daily here that would be appropriate for a wellness fair,” Tina Watcher, school psychologist, said. “The point is about bringing awareness to the larger concept as a school.”  

Students are working hard to prepare for the event. It gives them the opportunity to educate their peers and themselves on different aspects of wellness.  

“I just think it’s really important to educate teens about mental health and mental health awareness,” Cameron Davis (’23). “It’s just great a great opportunity.”  

Students can share how they deal with stress, mental illness, interpersonal problems or just their favorite calming activities.  

“I hope students learn to have a little fun while also relieving some of their stress,” Thea said.  

Activities will include discussions about mental health and relationships, fidget making, meditation, and cow cuddling.  

“If someone is anxious just having something to play with or distract them can be super calming,” Reagan Fisher (’23) said. 

The activities of during the wellness fair will teach coping strategies and provide a safe space for students to talk about mental illness. 

“There’s so many tools we have available here at Hereford High to teach about mental health.” Fisher said. “I also want students to know that Hereford is a safe space to talk about mental health.”  

Although the Wellness Fair is just one day dedicated to mental health, Active Minds wants students to know that discussions about mental health and wellness should take place in our daily lives.