Hereford hosts annual Bull Run Invitational

Michael Earp (‘25), Sam Stewart-Sicking (‘24), and Colin Kurniawan (‘24) sprint out of the gates. They ran in the Medium Boys Varsity race.

John Roemer

Michael Earp (‘25), Sam Stewart-Sicking (‘24), and Colin Kurniawan (‘24) sprint out of the gates. They ran in the Medium Boys Varsity race.

Jay Goetz, Sports Editor

Introduction to Journalism contributors: Samantha Robbins, Hailey Streckfus.

Hereford cross country athletes took part in the Hereford Bull Run Saturday, Sep 17th. The course was originally designed in 1957 as a two mile race but has since changed to three miles. The course has made a reputation of being the toughest along the east coast. 

The Bull Run is an ultra-competitive race run by 97 schools with thousands of high school runners. Adults and children eighth grade or younger can also participate.  

Hereford’s cross-country team, coached by Mr. Adam Hittner, are pushed at practice every day to prepare for this event. 

“Everything we do as a whole in training is geared toward hilly, challenging courses,” Hittner said. “We do hill workouts every week.” 

The Bull Run’s hilly course proves challenging to those used to running on flat terrain.  

La Plata High School’s runner Ben Cottle (‘24) has run the Bull Run twice. He underestimated the difficulty of the race his first time running this event and didn’t pace himself well. Despite only training on a flat track, Cottle felt more prepared this year thanks to intensified practice in the weeks leading up to the run. Knowing the Bull Run is Cottle’s most difficult race, the feeling of finishing is something he craves.  

Hereford’s Ellie Carr (‘26) ran Varsity for her first Bull Run. Carr, filled with adrenaline, pushed all thoughts out of her head and focused only on the finish line. 

“I don’t remember much,” Carr said. “I was just telling myself to keep going, and you’re almost done, even if I wasn’t.”   

Hereford JV-Open Girls Cross Country team achieved a perfect score, claiming every spot in the top 5 finishes. Charlotte Ferguson (‘25) finished first place despite suffering a cold two days prior to the race. Using the motivation from Hittner’s pre-race pep talk, Ferguson didn’t let her illness get in the way of victory. 

“He told me he had expectations and that kind of freaked me out,” Ferguson said. “If he didn’t have expectations, I probably would have gone slower.” 

Hereford Girls JV finished 1st as a team; Hereford Girls Varsity finished 3rd; Hereford Boys JV finished 11th; Hereford Boys Varsity finished 6th.