Custodians’ hard work goes unnoticed

Nick Munro, Reporter

The trash situation has surged all year as many students do not clean up after themselves, thankfully custodians keep our school a clean and education friendly environment. The janitorial staff does everything from cleans lunch tables to refills water fountains, usually with little gratitude.

“You should see the cafeteria after all three lunch periods,” building operations supervisor Kevin Woods said.

Custodians have expressed their dissatisfaction with the disrespect towards our school. Many messes have been a heavy load for the three custodians working during the day.

Although some students leave messes, most students and teachers are appreciative of the work the custodians put in.

“Custodians provide an essential service to the school,” Ben Castillo (’25) said.

Many students are appreciative of the cleanliness of their learning environments along with the hallways and cafeteria.

“Custodians really help keep a good odor in the school,” Ben Quinting (’23) said.

Teachers enjoy the luxury of coming into a clean classroom every morning.

“They do a great job making sure my room is clean for any labs, they make sure my room is ready to go for education purposes,” Mr. Russel Drylie said.

The few students making it hard for our custodians create a negative impact on our school and learning environments. As an agriculture heavy school, the hard-working custodians make sure our school stays eco-friendly.

“They make a conscious effort to dispose of recycling correctly,” Mr. Drylie said.

Students have become very aware of the destruction taking place in the bathrooms and the lengths students go in vandalize the bathrooms.

“At most high schools these days they have to put up with a lot of stuff, the custodians have to clean up a lot for students destroying the bathrooms,” Evan Mathis (’24) said.

Our custodial staff works a heavy shift and provides our school with a clean environment that increases the quality of learning at the school. They spend their days making sure we have a proper experience as they iron out all the kinks in our school. Students should treat the school as they treat their homes.