Harbinger staff recognizes Hereford’s generosity


Peter Capan

Hereford Harbinger is excited to announce the Unsung Hero. Make sure to cast your vote on the Google form found at @hharbinger on Instagram in the bio, or on your class Schoology page or the box in Ms. Stachura’s room, 120.

Natalie Burger, Reporter

Starting this December, the Hereford Harbinger will recognize an Unsung Hero: someone who maintains a positive attitude and stays optimistic, is involved and contributes to the community, such as volunteering at Hereford events. An Unsung Hero is also someone who exemplifies friendliness and responsibility in and out of the classroom. The Unsung Hero should represent the Hereford community. 

“The Unsung Hero most definitely has to be a role model,” Charlotte Harvey (’23) said. “They must show pride in what they do and have the confidence to perform tasks in a leadership position, rather than following along with the crowd.”  

Hereford students are excited about this new opportunity to highlight their peers. 

“I think people don’t get recognized for what they do because people are too busy to see kindness happen,” says Zach Lintz (‘25). 

The Unsung Hero will be nominated by Hereford students and Hereford teachers using the Google form below. 

Unsung Hero Nomination Form

“I’m excited to cast my vote [because] certain people deserve to be noticed for their actions,” Ainsley Yates (’23) said.