Seniors and underclassmen set for ultimate frisbee show-down

Jake Epstein, Content Editor

This year’s pep rally migrated out of the gym, over the hill, and into Bulls Stadium. Thursday’s main event is an ultimate frisbee matchup between the seniors and the underclassmen.

Inclement weather altered the date of the game, but the playing surface is still expected to be quite slippery. It is unknown to what degree this will impact the game.

Spectators, donning their respective class colors, will line the track, as use of the stands is prohibited. This will make for a unique experience in terms of coordination of chants and overall displays of school spirit, given that the fans will not be elevated.

Early reports point towards a senior victory, as the team is stacked with elite height across the board and has a variety of different skillsets that can play into numerous schemes. Aiden Maniatis (’22) and Drew Kinsey (’22) form an elite duo with size, strength, and catch radius which will be difficult for the underclassmen to handle. The seniors can also play the short game with Ellie Antonakas (’22) excelling at give-and-go distributions.

The underclassmen, hoping to repeat the same feat as those who stunned the class of 2020, will be counting on their athleticism and tenacity to carry them to a massive upset. Adam Green (’24), the Bulls’ top golfer, will be handed the keys to the attack. The young bulls will also be depending on the strong arm of Arnob Khan (’23), who hopes to sling the frisbee all over the field.

The halftime show features the Hereford Dance Company, who always puts in a great performance during pep rally. While they’ve had limited time practicing on the turf—a completely different ground than they’re used to performing on—expectations are high for another phenomenal show.

In addition, the Baltimore County Champion cheerleading squad is set to put on a performance. Their ever-elaborate routine, packed with a variety of difficult techniques and stunts, will be on full display.

In terms of coaching, Vaun Neusinger (’22) retained his post as head coach for the senior team. Neusinger, a pep rally coach since his freshman year, is well known for his halftime adjustments, fiery team talks, and brilliant tactics. He is credited with formulating the scheme that brought the underclassmen a victory in the 2019 pep rally. The underclassmen are coached by Sam Snyder (’23), who hopes to out-strategize one of the most storied pep rally figures in recent memory.

On this weather-shifted week, many Bulls will experience their first pep rally. The game is only as great as the fans make it.  Be loud, be proud, and have fun.