Spirit week will sweep the school


Sophie Shive

A few Senior students posed in their Star Wars themed hallway.

Caroline Daily, Co Editor-in-Chief

Starting on October 25, all grades will begin dressing up for spirit week and decorating hallways. Upperclassmen hope to go all out like in years past, while underclassmen learn from the veterans.

This year’s theme is Disney. Each grade voted for a movie; Freshman are Pirates of the Caribbean, Sophomores are Cars, Juniors are Monsters Inc, and Seniors are Star Wars. Students are decorating the hallways according to their theme.

The Freshmen and Sophomores have never done this due to the pandemic halting their high school experience. The Sophomores have still shown enthusiasm by decorating their hallway right away, showing that missing freshman year will not hold them back.

Freshmen will have to learn their way around pep rally and spirit week by observing the upperclassmen. They’ll catch on fast to the seriousness of spirit week at Hereford. Upperclassmen have a lot to make up for due to the previous year they missed.

Juniors hope to improve from their 1950’s-decorated hallway freshman year. Their hallway is starting to fill with Sully prints and doors like the ones found in the popular movie.

“Once the hallway is complete and the Juniors walk into the school on Monday and see it, I honestly believe that this will revitalize everyone’s spirit,” Ike Nwadiogbu, Junior class Vice President said.

Seniors will show they’re ready to wow by decorating their hallway like it was pulled right out of a galaxy far, far away.

Spirit club itself has been working hard to accommodate Covid-19 safety regulations for the pep rally. By changing the basketball game to an outdoor frisbee game everyone can stay safe while still having a Seniors vs underclassmen game.

Regular events like introducing fall sports captains, cheer performing, and the dance team joining to perform the halftime show. Even a student musical chair game may make an appearance if time permits.