Elected class officials plan for a spirit-filled school year

Aleia Yeager, Reporter

The absence of a normal 2020-2021 school year posed a major morale issue within the student body. School spirit was lost, and it was a difficult time to connect with others. However, newly elected class officials are organizing Hereford’s most loved activities in order to revamp the atmosphere. The presidents of each class were questioned, What are your plans to make the [president’s class] have a great 2021-2022 school year?”, and here are their responses:

We are also trying to bring back some of our traditional fundraisers like Volleybull because I know the Hereford community really enjoys them.”Fia Rudolph (‘22) said.

We’re going to optimize everything we can and get pep rally and spirit week going as quickly as possible,” Grady Moran (23) said.

My plans to make the sophomore class have a great 2021-2022 school year would include trying to keep the whole class involved, push messages out through Schoology, and uphold the usual activities we would see in a non-mask, non-Covid school year,” Brady George (24) said.

I want to try and prevent it from being like eighth grade; where we missed out on all the fun activities…so I want to decorate the halls to make it joyful for all the ninth graders,” Jay Eisendrath (‘25) said.


12th Grade-

President: Fia Rudolph  Vice President: Matt Campbell  Secretary: Parker Knight  Public Relations: Caroline Sabo  Historian: Rylee McDaniel  Liaison: Tessa Janney

11th Grade-

President: Grady Moran  Vice President: Ike Nwadiogbu   Secretary: Julia Cabral  Public Relations: Maria Cabral  Liaison: Riley Wilson

10th Grade-

President: Brady George  Vice President: Colin Kurniawan  Secretary: Cole Wallner  Public Relations: Olivia Webster

9th Grade-

President: Jay Eisendrath Vice President: Aubrey Beard  Historian: Maddie Herring

Freshman class President: Jay Eisendrath (Sophie Shive)
Sophomore class President: Brady George (Sophie Shive)
Junior class President: Grady Moran (Sophie Shive)
Senior class President: Fia Rudolph (Sophie Shive)