History teacher “juggles” new students and school

Caroline Daily, Co Editor-In-Chief

Mr. Jeff Walters is joining the Hereford staff this year as a new History teacher.

When Walters first went to college, he planned to go down the path of music because of his experience in singing, but he did not know how to play the piano which caused some problems. He had always planned on teaching because several of his role models were teachers. He studied at Towson University as the first in his family to attend college.

He taught middle school in Baltimore County for three years. After teaching there he wanted to try teaching students who are at higher levels and are more independent. It is a challenge he is excited to take on, and so far, the students and staff have been nothing but friendly.

One of his favorite part about Hereford so far is enrichment, a new part of his day. Walters noted how it helps him get to know his individual students better.

Outside of teaching, he has not only a twin brother but has twin children and learned that he can juggle. Whenever he is standing in the halls, make sure to ask him to do his Cleveland impression from popular television show Family Guy.

He is excited to not only be teaching at a new school but be able to teach students back in person. Isolation was very dismal for him, and many others, so being back with others has lifted his spirits.

“My piece of advice to people coming back is to think about the gift that we had of the time at home, that refocused priorities,” Walters says. “I’m hoping people come back with a willingness and a open mind and heart to connect socially with a new sense of direction”.

Walters has been welcomed by the students and enjoys the beautiful campus he gets to see when coming in to work. Being someone who has always been able to connect with the youth and loves new experiences, he is excited to be a part of the Hereford community.