Spotlight: Let’s Get This Bread


Emily McNicholas, Managing Editor

It’s Friday, Oct. 26 at 6:59 a.m. Buzzbuzz! Text message from the pep rally basketball team group message: “Let’s get some freakin’ bread today, guys!!”

No, we weren’t actually going to Wegmans to get bread. We were planning on taking the dub over the underclassmen team. But why do we say “get this bread” instead of “let’s win this game?”

In teen culture, this term is frequently said before attempting a challenge. It’s used before a test, a big game, or any competition of the sort, and this term itself is nothing new. This phrase originally represented bread as something of monetary value, but it quickly evolved.

The saying has been trending on twitter over the past few weeks and—with no surprise—has made its way to other social platforms. Your guess is as good as mine as to how this slang resurfaced teen culture in early October. Memes, tweets, and hashtags somehow made this hype saying come back to life.

Of course, Hereford is no different than the rest of the world, and students have been posting up on the “gram” with actual pictures of bread after wins. The Varsity Field Hockey team was the first to post on Instagram and Snapchat stories, but were they the first to make “bread” popular at Hereford?

The Varsity Boys’ Soccer team has something else to say about who really owns this saying in the maroon and yellow halls.

“The girls completely stole our entire motivation from us. We made the term bread,” Brady Hammann (’20) said. “I believe we use the term properly on the soccer team where the field hockey team tried to mock us for personal benefits. They think it’s funny that they can just steal our grind, but they can’t.”

The girls have their own story to tell about how bread made its debut.

“The bread is ours,” Brooke Overmier (’20) said. “Last year in the Broadneck High School locker room, we were sitting there and CMac was trying to come up with a name for a certain play we had started, and everyone was talking—we even have video proof on my phone—and discussing possible names for the play. No one knew… and then really quietly I said ‘bread.’”

Unfortunately, the team decided to call the play ‘diamond,’ but the legend lives on that the field hockey team was the first to drop the newly popular term in their team locker room.

However, Hereford isn’t the only school throwing bread all over the place. The presumed creators of the term humbly admit that.

“There was indeed a bread Snapchat filter displaying the ‘let’s get this bread’ fad. So technically, it isn’t anyone one of ours in particular. Multiple private schools and other public schools say it,” Overmier said.

The “fhockey” girls are fed up with the shade being thrown at them for using the term ‘bread.’ Even though it is a saying that originates outside the Hereford Zone, the girls want to make something clear.

“I think it’s a public thing,” Katie Martino (’20) said. “I don’t think the soccer team had it first. But, if a team did have it first, it was us at [the State Semi-Finals] last year.”

While this battle seems to pertain to the soccer and field hockey teams, the Varsity Girls’ Cross Country team now holds the bread, as they came out on top in the State Championships on Nov. 10 (for the fourth year in a row, by the way). It is now up to the winter sports teams to grab their own grain!