Cuffing Szn

Emily McNicholas, Managing Editor

Urban Dictionary Definition: “During the fall or winter months people who would normally rather be single or promiscuous find themselves along with the rest of the world desiring to be ‘cuffed’ or tied down by a serious relationship. The cold weather and prolonged indoor activity causes singles to become lonely and desperate to be cuffed.”
“911, what’s your emergency?”
“It’s cuffing season and I don’t have a soulmate”
Love is in the air through the halls of Hereford High school, as the season begins to change. Cuffing season seems to be casting a spell over the students, whether it’s just a friendship or a serious connection.
Ethan Caulk (’20) met his now girlfriend, Abbey Walsh (’20), at a party over the summer. The end of the summer is a common time to start looking for a possible match, and Caulk had the idea of settling down for winter in his mind.
He and Walsh just started officially dating the week of Sept. 16, beginning of cuffing season.
“It’s nice to settle down and watch movies under the blankets,” Caulk said. “I technically believe in cuffing season.”
He’s not the only one who enjoys winter with a soulmate. Cristina Drecchio (’21) found herself winding up with a boy she met last cuffing season at a fall festival, and the couple called it official this August.
“I think cuffing season happens because homecoming is a big deal,” Drecchio said. “Everyone needs a date and sometimes it ends up as a relationship.”
Ah homecoming, the perfect event to kickoff cuffing season. Tight dresses and banging music set the perfect tone for grinding and making out…I mean dancing and hugging. Stay tuned students! There is a good chance a few new couples will be a product of homecoming.
Aaron Winsker (’19), victim of cuffing season, would agree.
“It’s party season,” He said. “It’s more fun. There’s more things to do- like holidays.”
Some find comfort in giving gifts- or receiving. Why not take advantage of the expensive gems or the typical Xbox gift card while you can? Celebrating their much-needed winter break on vacation, in the mountains with their match, is full of memories. Why not introduce bae to the ‘rents on Christmas Day!
Whether it’s Snapchat or social media, students find a way to talk to their crush or keep in touch when out of school. As technology grows and social skills become rarer, students will use their phones to try to pick up their crush. During the summer, the boys stock up on their shirtless flexing post in hopes of girls stumbling across the pictures during cuffing season. Black and white, C1, HUJI, bust shots, and bikini pics highlight the girls’ famous VSCO which attract the guys’ attention, and as cuffing season continues why not add a picture of your boy all snuggled up in his sweatshirt and beanie ready to watch a scary movie?
“Everyone is alone during summer, and then they all go back to school and find someone,” Winsker (’19) said. “Especially as a senior, they aren’t going to pick up anyone later in the year.”
While the senior boys are still in search of the one, the girls are seeking friendships within each other.
Amera Gianotti (’19) invited a large group of 20 senior girls to her house on Sept. 9 to “break the tension building” before getting too far into senior year. With high school comes drama, and this year this group of 20 plans to put it behind them.
“It brought out new relationships,” Gianotti said. “And I’m definitely going to do it again.”
Whether you are a senior or a freshman there is always room for new friendships and being on a sports team contributes to the relationships made at Hereford.
Leah Jones (’22) made the Varsity Field Hockey team her freshman year of high school.
“I met a lot of upperclassman that I never would have known.” Jones said. “We all bonded over team sleepovers and dinners which helps our performance on the field. In the hallway we all say hi to each other too.”
The large football team brings players from all grades together as well and that’s where Aden Johnson (’21) found himself hanging with the older kids.
“[Friendship on a team] means a lot.” Johnson said. “Since we are on a team we have to really close.”
So, whether you’re looking for a new friendship, someone to settle down with seriously, or just a short-term sugar daddy, ’tis the szn!