Snazzy wheels turn heads in student parking lot


Photo provided by Max Herbkersman

Driving his 2014 jeep Wrangler, Evan Schmidt (’17) leaves school. Schmidt bought the car on his own and takes pride in its lights.

Max Herbkersman

A car is a car, whether you drive it fresh off the lot or if it was your grandmother’s Buick from the 90’s. However at Hereford there is a variety of nice first cars ranging from tricked out Jeeps to speedy Jaguars. Walking through the Hereford parking lot is like walking through a car dealership lot.

Jordan Pumphery (’17) drives a 2011 BMW 335i. He has had the car for about two months, he bought the car by himself and has to pay for gas. Pumphery also has a 2016 Jeep Wrangler JK Red Rock Limited edition. His favorite thing about the car is its off-road abilities.

Max Herbkersman
Jordan Pumphrey (’17) parks his 2011 BMW 335i on Bunker Hill Road during the school day. Pumphrey also drives a 2016 jeep Wrangler Red Rock edition.
















Pumpherey isn’t the only student driving a Jeep. Evan Schmidt (’17) drives a 2014 Jeep Wrangler JKU. Schmidt has been driving since his sophomore year, and had a different Jeep before. Schmidt had to pay for most of his car and pays for gas. His favorite modification to the car are “the lights, it’s always a party,” Schmidt said.

Isabelle Conover (’17) drives a 2013 BMW X5, thanks to her father. She has been driving for a year and a half. Her parents paid for the BMW to be her first car, “[my] dad works with vintage BMW’s so I got the car for a much lower price,” she said. Conover’s favorite part of the vehicle is the heated steering wheel and speakers.

Zach Robertson (’17) drives a 2016 Mustang Roush Sport 1. Robertson has had the car for a year and a half, and it is his first car. He didn’t have to pay for the car, or for insurance, but he does pay for gas.

However, according to Robertson, “my stang runs on liberal tears which are the equivalent of 93 octane and spits bald eagles out of the exhaust, God bless America!” His favorite part of the car is the speed.
Roberston isn’t the only student in Hereford speeding around in his car.

Dylan Graybill (’17) drives a red 2016 Jaguar F-Type. He has only been driving for a year, and it is his first car. Graybill didn’t have to pay for multi-thousand dollar car, but does have to pay for insurance and gas.

“The [220 mph] speed [maximum] and exhaust are my favorite thing,” Graybill said. The one modification he has made is a remote start.