New trend brings back old memories


Photo by Lindsay Clarke

Lindsay Posner (’20) is wearing non-prescription glasses. She purchased these fake glasses at Claire’s for five dollars.

Lindsay Clarke, Reporter

This latest trend may bring you back to your elementary school days when you had to have the latest hot pink fake glasses from Claire’s. Why wear glasses that don’t aid your vision? Many students have asked this question when they are told that teens are wearing glasses without prescription for styling purposes.

The fake glasses trend isn’t just teenagers expressing their style. Many celebrities are wearing fake glasses to make them appear more intelligent.

According to Tracey Lomrantz Lesterog of, supermodel Helena Christensen said to Vogue UK, “I don’t wear prescription glasses. But I do wear glasses because I think they make you look more interesting and a little bit smarter. They make me feel grown-up.”

While 6 in 10 teens are wearing glasses or contact lenses to correct their vision, others are purchasing fake aviator glasses to make their outfits seem vintage and hipster-like.

“I would pair fake glasses with a band shirt from uptown Cheapskate or Goodwill,” Bailey Perez (’20) said. “I think boyfriend jeans and a cool pair of Converse All-stars would complete the look.”

Fake glasses can range from 5 to 20 dollars depending on the style and color. Claire’s, Amazon, and Target are all popular places for a wide variety of fake glasses.

Other students don’t see the point of fake glasses because they aren’t effecting your vision.

Katie Martino (’20) thinks they are pointless and a waste of money. “They are just an extra accessory that you have to carry around with you,” Martino said.

Fake glasses are a way to express teen’s personalities without having to pay for, or need, prescription glasses.

“Fake glasses are adorable and super stylish, especially the cute vintage ones,” contact lens wearer Midori Days says. “If I had fake glasses I would probably wear them over contacts since they are so cute.”

Not only are students and female celebrities wearing fake glasses, athletes are also jumping on this trend to improve their spring style.

NBA players like Russel Westbrook, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Kevin Durant started wearing thick-rimmed oversized glasses without lenses. Paired with plaid socks and cardigans this geek-chic trend is common among NBA players.

According to theories have been addressed that athletes wear fake glasses to help cope with the press’s scrutiny. Similar to teens, basketball players assume they look smarter while wearing their hipster-like glasses.

Though wearing fake glasses won’t help you in your next history test, you may look like you know what you’re doing. So if you are looking to update your spring wardrobe in an inexpensive way then fake glasses might be the way to go.