School wide Four-Way Test Competition


Photo by Emma Reider

Students sit and listen to fellow speakers talk about their Four-Way Test topic. The competition was held on March 13

Lily Cavallaro

In the Hereford High School auditorium, 12 of our own Hereford students competed in the Rotary Club contest on March 13, during periods five and six. Leland Armiger (’19), Matt Duquette (’18), Cecily Feliz (’19), Marcy Ledvinka (’17), Mahima Pande (’19), Ryan Pindale (’17), Michael Purdie (’18), Zoe Seitz (’17), Callie Simon (’17), Elizabeth Thompson (’19), Emma Wallner (’19), and Cassie Wilson (’19), were chosen after winning their English class competitions for the speeches.

The contestants were given the assignment to choose a topic that is important to them and write about it to its fullest potential, answering the questions: Is it the truth? Is it fair to all concerned? Will it bring goodwill and better friendships? Is it beneficial to all conferenced?

“Beauty pageants put pressure on women in society,” Feliz said. She was dressed in neutral clothing and spoke with a stern and direct tone, and provided facts and statistics to defend her viewpoint of the degrading of beauty pageants. Along with percentages and numbers, Feliz had passion in her presentation and carried herself with pride and confidence in her opinion.

“She was very passionate and emotional,” Hannah Weeran (’18) said.

The winner of the Hereford High competition will advance to a county competition between the winners of Dulaney, Loch Raven, and Franklin High Schools on Wednesday March 29.