Twitter accounts cause controversy


Five tweeters provide insight on everyday life in the Hereford Zone.

Caitlin Abbott

     A new craze has hit the Hereford Zone: Hereford Twitter accounts. Scrolling through the Twitter news feed, one of them is bound to appear, commenting on Hereford’s daily life. To date there have been five Hereford based accounts, from the good, the bad, and the ugly.

     Hereford Confessions was one of the first on the scene. A funny commentary on the daily struggles of hick life, it became very popular among the masses. Although the person behind the Twitter name remained anonymous, many high school students kept hopes alive of uncovering the witty writer.

     The mystery has been solved, however, as the writer was ousted on the morning announcements. Rachel Guthall (12) is now the known face linked with Hereford Confessions and continues to report, highlighting all the aspects of our community, while keeping it light and fresh.

     Hereford Problems was the next to surface. Similar to Hereford Confessions, it talks about life in the Hereford Zone. From hunting to congratulating the sports teams, it also keeps things comical. Recent activity on this account has been the small tiff between Rec Basketball players and the accounts owner. However, all things were solved as the site soon stated, “That rec basketball mix tape is pretty sick. That’s convinced me to go to a game #HerefordBBall.”

Hereford Problems also remains anonymous causing many to wonder who crafts their tweets. The first tweet was fashioned on February 7, 2012, and it has remained a secret for a little over a year now.

Hereford Thoughts was created months after the first two accounts. It prides itself on saying what’s on everyone’s minds, mostly talking about high school trials, and discussing teachers and students throughout the school. Perhaps most know for ranking both the most attractive girls and guys at Hereford, it is mild compared to Hereford Gossip.

The next account creative was the most controversial to date. Hereford Gossip was only around for a few days, but had the whole school talking. Copying the popular show, Gossip Girl, it used initials to represent individuals.

Revealing the dirtiest details on drama around the school, it ruffled many feathers among the student population. Although witty in its own way, many students were offended by the writer’s blunt statement of personal drama. Some found her amusing, like me, and others found her hurtful. The thing that brought this Hereford Twitter to its demise: a Blackberry phone.

Sadly, the account was targeted because of this knowledge; a screenshot of the read receipt proved the writer owned a Blackberry. Almost any student with that phone was blamed and accused of being Hereford’s Gossip Girl. If only the Tweeter had an iPhone, Hereford Gossip may have lasted more than two days.

The last account made was Hereford Compliments, the most positive account of the five, and seemingly the most unnecessary. Based on giving people compliments, whether true or not, I find it hard to believe the account knows all of its followers enough to truly say something nice about them. My opinion may be disagreed with, but I find these statements less than accurate.

Anonymous in nature, many would say the account is just a pure act of kindness, a positive look on Hereford compared to the other Hereford Twitters. Out of all five sources, this is my least favorite. However, many people enjoy the refreshing positivity, something not as common with the others. I also think the support of this account is affected by timing. Created right after Hereford Gossip, many people were hoping to find some good left in the Hereford Zone.

Having five Hereford Twitter accounts may be seen as excessive to the outside world, but that’s how we do it in the Zone. It keeps the students interested, laughing, and smiling, while sharing Hereford’s happenings.