Hereford gains National Blue Ribbon status

On Sept. 28, Hereford received news that it was now a National Blue Ribbon School. The community’s responses were positive but not surprised.

“I am beginning my eighth year here and in my opinion from where I sit as a counselor, what I think makes Hereford a great school [are] the teachers here that are willing to go the extra mile and get to know the students. I think our enrichment piece adds to that, where students get to know an adult. I also believe it’s the students because we have kids that are willing to engage,” Counseling Department Chair Ellen Fitzkee said.

Many teachers have said that they believe Hereford is a community built upon hardworking students, faculty and parents.

P.E Department Chair Eric Evans said, “[What makes Hereford a great school are] the teachers, students and community. It’s all one big happy family.”

“[Hereford is a great school because of] the collaborative efforts that the community puts into the school”, Music teacher David Sobel said.

Some teachers commend the student’s hard work and willingness to learn.

“They are willing to work, [and] they want to improve. They have a great sense of humor, they make my job fun,” English teacher Michelle Vance said.

Students from all grades said that they feel like the hard work of the teachers have furthered their academic career.

“Ever since I’ve been here, I’ve seen some really good stuff,” Wyatt Parks (’20) said.

“We’ve got a sick location and great sports,” Jeramiah Schubert (’17) said.

“I don’t think it is one thing, I think it’s a combination of the faculty, the students and the parents that make Hereford such a great school,” said School Resource Officer Richard Croft.