Top 10 HZ summer activities

  1. Go Tubing in the Gunpowder river: Whether you bring your own tubes or rent them nearby, floating down the river is a great activity to do this summer. Catch some rays or some Z’s while you sit back and let the water take you.
  2. Go to a snowball stand: Cool off this summer with a refreshing snowball from the Hereford snowball stand located right outside the library. Grape, cherry, watermelon­- they’ve got it all!
  3.  Go biking on the NCR trail: When you want to get fit for the summer months, think about working out on the NCR trail. There are multiple spots to start and end on the trail that are all in the Hereford Zone.
  4. Go swimming at Hillbilly beach: Pack a lunch, grab a few friends, and take a dip in the water. With no public swimming pools in the Hereford Zone, Hillbilly beach is a great place to cool off this summer.
  5. Go get your nails done at a local salon:  Want to get ready for your summer vacation ladies? Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure at Expectations Salon or Mryiam Nails.
  6. Get your summer reading books at the new Hereford Library: Check with your English teacher to find out what your summer reading books are this year. Then head over to the newly renovated library to check them out.
  7. Be a counselor at a camp in Hereford: If you’re looking to make a little money this summer and be outside, then check out the local camps to see if they need any help. Genesee Valley Camp and Hereford All-In-One Sports Camp are popular for the kids this summer.
  8. Get a slice of pizza with your friends at Wood Fire Kitchen: After spending all day in the sun grabbing a fresh slice of pizza or salad at Wood Fire Kitchen sounds delicious!
  9. Celebrate the 4th of July at the Hereford parade and fireworks: The annual Hereford parade and fireworks will take place at Hereford High School. With music, food, and spectacular fireworks, it’s a great way to catch up with friends you haven’t seen over summer.
  10. Go golfing at Greystone: Practice your swing or play mini golf with friends before the season starts. The driving range is always something entertaining to do!