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Field of Screams scares stunned students

Photo by Steph Cramer
Staff Writer Sam Crosby (12) shrieks in terror in response to the Frightmare Asylum. Sam feared the clowns the entire visit.

Sam Crosby


     Shrieks of horror fill the air on opening night of The Field of Screams, located in southern Pennsylvania. With an average of 70,000 fright-lovers over an eight weekend period, the FOS surely deserves the title of America’s number one Haunted Attraction.


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     Composed of three main attractions, The Den of Darkness, The Frightmare Asylum, and The Haunted Hayride, Field of Screams creates a night of fun and horror.


     In 1993, Gene and Jim Schopf founded The Field of Screams. The two brothers started farming together while they were still in school when they came up with the idea of creating a scary hay bale maze through their barn. After their younger sister and her Girl Scout troop tested and confirmed its scariness, they created The Field of Screams. During the next couple years, they developed a haunted hayride, which became their biggest attraction. Over the past 20 years, they have expanded the attraction to include a thrilling combination that is impossible to resist.


     With chainsaw killers and Mike Myers dressed up like a zombie chasing people throughout the night, it is difficult not to be scared. Taneyza from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, came running out of the barn screaming and crying, “I was so scared that I ran out the emergency exit,” she said while literally shaking in her boots.


     Co-owner Jim Schopf said with a chuckle, “Believe it or not, but people pee and/or [poop] themselves on a consistent basis throughout the FOS.”

     If you want a night filled with screaming, laughing, and maybe even defecating, then head up to The Field of Screams.


     For more information on dates, times, and ticket prices for Field of Screams, check out

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Field of Screams scares stunned students