BCPS prepares for the resumption of in-person education by following CDC guidelines


Baltimore County students have already lost half of their normal 2020-2021 school year. To resume an in-person education, there will be strict regulations that must be taken to ensure the safety of all.

The CDC released steps needed to provide for a safe and disinfected school environment. Administration will enforce precautions like staggering arrival and dismissal times, requiring six-foot distance between desks and teachers and students, repurposing large areas (cafeteria, auditoriums, and gymnasiums) for work areas, and encouraging airflow throughout the school building.

“Wear a mask, there is no constitutional right to walk around without a mask, we did it in 1918, I don’t know why we can’t do it now,” said Governor Larry Hogan. Hogan strongly supports mask wearing and encourages citizens to wear them. BCPS will incorporate mask-wearing into the new schedule, but there are rising concerns for students that refuse to wear one.

“I’d want them to prioritize our health when going back to school, so whenever it’s deemed safe, I’d like to go back,” said John Venn (23’). School provides a social outlet and a place to practice sports, but like Venn stated, safety is the number one concern.

Mr. Covert, an assistant principal, emphasizes the necessity for personal protective equipment (PPE). PPE involves anything that protects an individual from injury or infection. PPE that’s worn almost every day are face masks. More hand sanitizer dispensers have been added around the school and plastic protective shields have been added to teacher desks, so students can interact and ask questions safely.

“We’ve been working with the county and everyone to make sure when that day comes [returning to school], that our school will be ready and as safe as possible,” said Mr. Covert.

Administration has been working diligently so students can return to a normal in-person schedule. However, both students and teachers must be flexible to ensure safety.