American pharmaceutical corporation, Pzifer, shows hope of a vaccine in the near future


Wikimedia Commons

Pfizer awaits approval from the FDA. They have started the trails for the vaccine in July 2020.

With the race to create a vaccine for Covid-19 still going on, Pfizer, an American pharmaceutical corporation, has made major advancements in creating a vaccine which could come out as early as late Dec. 2020.

While everybody is ready for the vaccine to come out, it is important that they be patient as it takes a lot of time to do the testing and get approval from the Food Drug Administration (FDA). In phase three of testing, Pfizer and Biontech announced on Nov. 18 that the vaccine was tested on 43,000 people and it was 95% effective against Covid-19 28 days after the first dose with no serious side effects seen throughout the testing process.

One of the final parts of getting this vaccine out is for the government to approve it. In America, the approval from the FDA is still pending while in other countries the vaccine has already been approved. The United Kingdom approved the vaccine on Dec. 2. This puts pressure on the FDA to regulate and being sending out vaccines to the American people.

In their phase three study article written on Nov. 18, Pfizer stated “The company expects to produce globally up to 50 million vaccine doses in 2020 and up to 1.3 billion doses by the end of 2021. Pfizer is confident in its vast experience, expertise and existing cold chain infrastructure to distribute the vaccine around the world.”

With these new finding, people from around the world have gained hope to take down this virus.