Key Club hosts Thirst Project

On Thursday Feb. 13 Key Club hosted an open meeting in the school library with two guest speakers to inform students on an important global issue that they can help change. The two guest speakers were from Thirst Project, an organization that spreads awareness of the developing countries without access to clean healthy water.  

The speakers shared their presentation about themselves as well as a video of a Thirst Project member seeing her impact first handedly in the country, Swaziland.  

Students were inspired to help so Hereford Key club officers, Sydney Powell and Nilou Heshmati, passed around envelopes to everyone at the meeting to help raise money. Hereford is recognized as one of Thirst Project’s legacy schools, which is a school that has raised over $1000 in two consecutive years.  

With their goal of tripling last year’s amount, students are fundraising until the first week of March. All envelopes will be due to Mrs. Blama.