Hereford Harbinger

Documentary exposes students’ burdens

February 12, 2013

Haley Gilmore In the documentary, Race to Nowhere, doctors and experts around the world are finally realizing that the work load of high school is too much for teenagers to handle. Experts on teen depression are linking the amount ...

Emotions compromised with physical relationships

February 12, 2013

Henry Bison      When the topic of sex is brought up in the classroom, the lessons always center on the physical. We’re taught about birth control options, STDs and pregnancy –but many things aren’t taught in Health...

Our view: Adults must talk about sex

February 12, 2013

     Being a teenager in today’s society comes with a unique set of trials and tribulations: act this way, dress this way, be unique but make sure your uniqueness is just like everyone else. Be different in a way that make...