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Elle Lochary

Elle Lochary, Reporter

Elle Lochary ('20) has been in journalism for two years. She enjoys being involved in the community and illustrating for the paper as well as writing. Along with the passion that she has to contribute to the school paper, she also enjoys gymnastics, scuba diving, snowboarding and traveling. She is an active participator in the One Love club and is an NAHS alumni. Lochary is very involved with the community and everything she does is done through hard-work and perseverance, making her an excellent writer in the high school newspaper. Her drive for excellence also stems from her competitiveness, in 2018 she was second place Maryland state champion for gymnastics. She adores being around people that she loves including her friends, family and dog. Lochary enjoys being a part of the Hereford community and expressing her ideas in the Hereford Harbinger.

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