Les Misérables set to open spring 2020

This year’s spring production is to be the classic Broadway production, Les Misérables. Les Misérables is a French classic based off the novel, Les Misérables by Victor Hugo. The play follows the story of Jean Vaijean, a prisoner who breaks parole. A police inspector, Javert, tries to hunt him down for breaking it. It is a story of redemption for Valjean, who is a French peasant. The production is a story of broken dreams and unrequited love. Set in 19th century France, the play dives into the lives of multiple complex characters. Les Misérables begins in 1815, over two decades after the French Revolution, and includes themes of social justice and revolution. 

Les Misérables tackles other global themes like good versus evil, revolution, and corrupt government. The resounding themes have caused this production to be a Broadway hit. Les Misérables has been staged in over 300 cities and almost 60 million people have seen a staged production. 

 This production is to be the biggest yet, with over 70 members in the cast. Les Misérables is full of singing and long ballads, with little actual dialogue. It has produced some of the most memorable songs in musical history, and students are excited to showcase their talents in this complex production. 

“I am most excited about getting to perform this show, which is one of my alltime favorite musicals,” said Katie Allen (21). “The story and songs have such a powerful meaning, the music in this show is absolutely beautiful,”. Allen’s favorite iconic songs include “Do You Hear The People Sing” and “One Day More”. She plays the part of Cosette, Valjean’s daughter.  

“Cossette is a strong willed, loving, and intelligent girl who is curious about her father’s mysterious past. She falls in love with a boy named Marius, who changes her world and priorities,” said Allen (21).  

Along with the opportunity to perform iconic songs, the cast is excited about the atmosphere that each production brings. 

Fantine is my absolute dream role so being able to perform it with such an amazing cast is so amazing and I am so excited for the show!” said Cindy Parker (21), whose role is Fantine, a character with one of the most tragic stories. 

Such a complex and invested performance requires many long hours of practice, which leads to close relationships in the cast. 

“I’ve made a lot of great friendships, and had some really good laughs,” Gwyn Shepard (’20) said. “I terribly miss the seniors from years past who have graduated, and I am excited for my senior year.” Shepard said. 

Each production brings new relationships and new experiences, and this year is no different. As rehearsals begin, the cast is excited for this year’s experience. 

“I’m excited for the environment that usually comes along with these productions because theater seems to always bring everyone within it closer together to where by the end of the show everyone is just a big family,” said Brayden Taylor (21). He has the role of Inspector Javert. 

“He has an obsession for enforcing the law to its fullest extent. Throughout the musical, Javert spends his time searching for Jean Valjean and attempting to bring justice upon him,” said Taylor.  

Les Misérables is set to open in the spring of 2020. Tickets will be available at the door or for pre-purchase, details will be available closer to the spring.