Lack of parking causes frustration


Reserved parking spots are left empty while the student lot is filled. Students felt frustrated when they drove past unoccupied spots.

Every student driver knows the anxiety of driving down to the student lot in the morning, peering out their window to see if there are any spaces to park. Students must fight the temptation of parking in one of the empty reserved spots as they drive up to park at the track.

There are about nine reserved spots in the lower lot which students who attend post-prom can win. Almost every morning, most of the spots are left empty.

Having a reserved spot would be very helpful; a designated place to park every morning no matter what. But having students drive up to the track to park when there are empty reserved spots that the owners don’t use, is just pointless.

Even if some of the spots are vacant because they were never given away, those spots should become an option of parking for all students.

“It gets on my nerves when I come into school and I can’t park next to friends. If you come in too late you can’t park down there and it sucks,” said Brooke Mileto (’15).

With all the construction that the school is undergoing, some of the construction workers decide to park in the student lot. Because of this, the selection of parking lessens for students.

Students have the option of parking in the new student lot, the few spots in the upper parking lot, parking at the track, or parking on Bunker Hill. The ideal is to park in the lower or upper lot every morning because of the long walk that parking at the track or on Bunker Hill can bring.

“I think there should be a lot more available parking for students to park closer to the school,” said Erin Sistek (’18). Students like Erin feel that there should be more parking because it is unfair that students have to walk a long way just because they missed the time period in the morning when parking is easier and closer.