Senior interviews take two

December 11, 2014 was day two of Senior Interviews for the class of 2015. Every student in the class of 2015 was interviewed by a professional in the workplace of their choice. Students are matched up with professionals from their interests in what they want to do when they are older.

When going into their interview, students need to bring a portfolio, a cover letter, and a resume. Students are recommended to dress nice in order to make a good impression on their interviewer.

“The only thing he marked me down on is that I didn’t wear a blazer,” said Leslie Johnson (’15), talking about how her interview went.

Mrs. Burkett is very impressed with the student interviews thus far.

“The kids look great. The interviewers are so far impressed,” said Burkett.

The school offers a variety of options that the students can choose to be interviewed on. These include construction, medical, military, and computers and IT work. A lot of work was put in to these interviews by the se3niors, the administrators, and the professionals who took time off of their jobs in order for this day to be a success.

Charlene Tomaselli was one of the professionals interviewing the seniors. She works in the field of computer and IT.

“They all have a lot of passion and excitement for the field they are exploring,” said Tomaselli.

This process will ultimately help the students in their future lives when they are applying to colleges and interviewing for jobs in the real world.

“Some students could ultimately get an internship over the summer,” said Burkett.

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