Studying, Reviews, Cramming OH My!


Photo by Samantha Trikeriotis

Back to back exams make it harder for students to study in between finals. Unlike last year the test are first period and second period instead of first and fifth and second and sixth.

Twice a year students of Hereford High School grab their books, review packets, and notes to gather around and study for finals. This big test might not count on your fourth quarter grade, but it can be the final judge. Here is the drill: four quarters, four grades, and one final exam are all averaged for a final grade. The catch? If you have two of one grade and two of another it’s Baltimore County policy that the teacher gives you the lower grade—even if you have already taken the AP tests.

“Traditionally,” said English teacher Mrs. Lisa Sopher, “if a student has a borderline grade they have the opportunity to get the better grade.”

And the only way to get the higher grade is if you get a high grade on your final. While the task itself doesn’t seem too difficult, remember the other three or four finals you are also studying for. This calls for some serious time management.

Teachers have started pretty late, Jordan Hettleman (9) said. Teachers should give us “a good three weeks” to study for finals.

“Most teachers offer Enrichment,” Jillian Villeneuve (11) said. She also said that it’s a good chance to study with friends, and that’s when she spends her most of her time studying.

But there is another thing Enrichment is good for, said Andrew Schaefer (10). It’s a good time to do homework so you have plenty of time to study at home. He said, finishing your homework in Enrichment leaves time for “going through practice problems” and “reviewing all of the units” starting a week up to the final.