Front door closes due to construction

By now I’m sure we’ve all noticed the new construction that’s going on outside the front door.  The entire entry way is closed off, so all students are forced to use the side entrances. But does anyone know exactly what they’re doing to the door?

As of Tuesday, March 11when the construction started, the workers began completely redoing the front entrance and the surrounding area. The purpose of redoing the front door is so it will look more modern and fresh.

The first part of this update is going on right now; the front columns and overhang are being taken down, along with the concrete walkways on the sides. The columns will be replaced with new steel ones, and the steps and ramps will be getting new concrete with a railing down them instead of a stone wall.

Then, for the main part of the front door construction, all the doors will be replaced with glass, and windows will be placed above and next to them. Everything will be completely visible in the school.

But the biggest surprise of all is the brand new glass atrium that will be on the second floor in the Social Studies hallway. Right when walking in the front doors, if you look up, you will be able to see the second floor and all the students walking around.

In order to put this in, all the Social Studies classrooms, i.e. Mr. Greenwood’s, Mr. Imhoff’s, Mr. Saunders’, and Mr. Schinnik’s will have to be completely renovated.

The walls will have to be completely moved so that they can make the Social Studies rooms the same size in order to make room for the atrium that will go right through the middle, with two classrooms on one side and two on the other.

Then, finally, I was told that the last minor renovation to the front of the school will be in the lobby.

The office walls will now be completely glass so all the visitors and students will be able to see in. And on the walls in the main hallways there will be a completely new shelving display area for student work, trophies and/or plaques, and any awards given to the school.

Head of construction Jeff Lapp said “It all should be open at the start of the school year. We’ll be working all summer.”

For now, I guess we’ll all just have to deal with using the side doors and other entrances to the school. According to the staff it should all be worth it by the start of next school year.