Bucket List: Things to do before you graduate Hereford High

Hereford students have their crazy ideas on what you have to do before you graduate. Many seniors have regrets for not getting involved, but with this list, now every underclassman surely won’t miss out.

  • Join a less popular club: Hereford has more crazy clubs than you may think. Join one or create one and make it popular!
  • Run the Dip: The Dip is the most challenging part of Hereford’s famous cross country course. Try to run up the huge hill to see what all the talk is about.
  • Play at least one pep rally game: Many seniors regret not playing a pep rally games. Sign up for a silly game to help your class win!
  • Be mentioned in the Hereford Harbinger: Every student should have their name mentioned in Herefords very own Newspaper.
  • Skip a day of school: Everyone should be allowed to skip at least one day of school.  Take a mental health day, or organize a senior skip day.
  • Go to Prom: It’s a once in a lifetime chance, don’t miss out, just go!
  • Be in an art department photo shoot: The photo kids are always looking for models, and the picture you’re in could win an award!
  • Make an unforgettable senior prank: Make a harmless prank that everyone will remember. Nothing illegal.
  • Go to a football game: Hereford football games are tons of fun! Go and cheer on the team.
  • Take an agricultural class: Ag classes are unique to Hereford High, take one and be a part of the culture.

Please leave a comment saying if you agree, disagree, or if you have any other ideas.