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The Stress, the Dress, the Mess.

photo by Will Wilkinson

photo by Will Wilkinson

Homecoming, Spirit Week, and Pep Rally are just around the corner and from the exciting football game to the hallway decorations, students are buzzing with anticipation about the upcoming festivities.

Although there was talk about moving the dance into the new cafeteria, it will return to the gym.

“It was like 500 degrees in there so I had to constantly leave [the gym] to cool off,” Jillian Bollinger, (’18) said.


Clothes              Girls spend hours picking out the perfect dress and doing their hair, make-up, and finding shoes to match. Guys seem to have it easy; they can wear some nice pants, a button-down shirt and tie and call it a day. There are several factors to consider in making outfit choices, planning the perfect pre-homecoming picture sesh and after party hang out.

“Finding the right dress is more complicated than it seems,” Said Josie Baldwin, (’18.) “I’m visiting my brother in Charleston this weekend so I’m going to look in all the cute shops,” Baldwin said.
Finding the Perfect Date

Unless you’re a guy who plans to ask a girl to the dance, then you really have minimal preparation. But if you are brave enough to ask the girl, here’s some advice.        Six out of ten girls said they would prefer a cute homecoming ask as opposed to a more casual approach.      “I think guys should definitely ask girls to homecoming in a cute way. It makes it more special than just asking casually,” Spencer Hennessey, (’18) said.    “The worst she can do is say no, be brave and just do it,” Lila Carroll, (’18) said.
Awkward Experiences

Many things can go wrong at a huge dance, and they have. Students share their awkward and funny experiences and offer advice to the rookie freshmen.            “My friends dates ditched them for other girls, and it was really funny for me,” Alexis Hooker, (’18) said.                “My really good friend was really dehydrated freshmen year and passed out in the bathroom halfway through the dance. Now we always tease her that we’re going to shove food and water at her so it doesn’t happen again,” Rachel Larkin, (’17) said. Teacher Chaperones            Teacher chaperones can have a bad experience too, according to Flannery Suplee, (’18). “Some part of the dance, I looked over at Mr. Shinnick and he looked like he was going to explode,” Suplee said. “Then he told us the next day it was like a grind fest and he was never ever going to let his daughter go to homecoming,” she said.
Advice for Freshmen

“Freshmen should stick with their friends during their first hoco experience to ensure that they have a good time and aren’t alone. They shouldn’t mix with other grades ’cause that’s weird,” Gillian Tiralla, (’18) said.


Spirit Week starts on Oct. 19 through Friday, Oct. 23. The theme is cities. The Spirit Week days are; Monday- my home town, Tuesday- tourist day, Wednesday- wacky tacky day, Thursday- twin cities (twin day), Friday- class color day.

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The Stress, the Dress, the Mess.