Hereford Harbinger

White privilege: “a racist, fictitious concept”

Spencer Stout, Reporter

February 6, 2018

For those of you who have managed to stay away from leftist news agencies such as Huffington Post or those who haven’t read the Facebook posts of condescending college students that usually end with one-liners like “check your privilege,” you may be asking: What is white privilege? According to toler...

There’s snow time to fail

Will Amos, Reporter

January 26, 2018

When winter comes a lot of students hope for snow days whenever they hear snow on the news. I have done my time praying to get off school the next day and hoping that we will get out early, but now it’s starting to affect my grades. We have had many classes where we are on a time crunch because...

Parents, keep Christmas spirit alive and your mouth shut

Maggie Parks, Reporter

January 16, 2018

When I was in the third grade I found out that Santa isn’t real. Word started to spread around the class and I was on the defense. I hopelessly tried to convince my friends that all the “rumors” were lies, but I barely believed myself as the evidence stacked against me. At a last attempt of discovering...

Generation Z: There’s still time to change our fate

Spencer Stout, Reporter

January 16, 2018

Our Generation is screwed, and no one seems to care. Generation Z is our name, and we are due to inherit the bankrupt and hypocritical pieces that the current generations are about to leave us.   On Sept. 8, the U.S. debt clock hit $20 trillion for the first time in history. Just to give a...

Schools must address mental health

Michael Purdie, Editor-In-Chef, explains why mental health issues need to be addressed and people need to be properly diagnosed.

Michael Purdie, Editor-in-chief

January 16, 2018

Twenty percent of teenagers between 13 and 18-years-old have a mental health condition1. Suicide is the third leading cause of death in youth 10 to 24-years-old. For years, students and alumni have suffered from mental health conditions that have led to suicide and drug abuse. So why isn’t th...

Let’s talk about Christmas carols, not college majors

Let's talk about Christmas carols, not college majors

Bess Tiller, Opinion Editor

January 16, 2018

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, minus your family hounding you about your future. Coming from an opinionated family, the holidays can sometimes be a tad stressful. To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, each Christmas dinner has always closed with a question led by my grandfather,...

Girls basketball games lack a student section

Cam Smith ('19), Lindsay Clarke ('20), and Brynne DeLuzio ('19) compete against Landsdowne High School.  The hard-fought game ended in a win for Hereford.

Lindsay Clarke, Reporter

January 12, 2018

There’s nothing more exciting for an athlete of any sport than having a huge student section filled with all your classmates cheering you on for an important game. Hereford students fill the stands at football, field hockey, boys’ basketball, and lacrosse games. But when you look at the stands at...

Why the name on the front is more important than the name on the back

Lily Cavallaro, Reporter

January 11, 2018

After watching one of my all-time favorite movies, Miracle, in film class last month, it got me thinking: what made the success? How did a team of 20 rookies walk into the greatest sports event in the world and reach the pinnacle of victory? In 1980 Herb Brooks took the US hockey team to win a go...

Chasing the summer tan in the winter months

Megan Lime, Reporter

January 11, 2018

As we get more into the cold and snowy winter months the beach tans from the summer are long gone and if you went somewhere warm for winter break that tan will quickly fade. With modern advances in technology and beauty there are several ways customers can achieve the golden glow they’re hoping for...

Ravens season recap

Max Herbkersman, Reporter

January 9, 2018

I am depressed. Some may say my reasoning is foolish but when the Ravens soil their chances of getting into the postseason I can’t help but feel hopeless. The Ravens had an inconsistent season. I was hopeful that this year with the acquisition of veteran wide receiver, Jeremy Maclin that the Ravens...

Game of Thrones will not return until 2019

Brady McGee, Reporter

January 9, 2018

On August 27 2017, I watched the last meaningful television episode until 2019. Season seven of “Game of Thrones” proved to be one of the best seasons yet. Even on a shortened seven episode stretch compared to the usual 10, “Thrones” managed to advance one of the greatest television stories ever...

Don’t talk crap on your finsta

Sierra Webb, Reporter

January 9, 2018

Instagram: One of the most popular social media websites in the 21st century where you can create your own profile, post pictures and videos, follow celebrities and friends, and bookmark your favorite pictures. Nowadays anyone with a smartphone seems to be lurking through Instagram on someone’s profile. B...