Hereford Harbinger

Snazzy wheels turn heads in student parking lot

Driving his 2014 jeep Wrangler, Evan Schmidt ('17) leaves school. Schmidt bought the car on his own and takes pride in its lights.

Max Herbkersman

April 21, 2017

A car is a car, whether you drive it fresh off the lot or if it was your grandmother’s Buick from the 90’s. However at Hereford there is a variety of nice first cars ranging from tricked out Jeeps to speedy Jaguars. Walking through the Hereford parking lot is like walking through a car dealership...

Slime craze lights up social media

Nicole Burkoski, Reporter

April 21, 2017

Borax, glue, and water. Mix all of these ingredients together and you have the new obsession. These synthetic materials create a thick putty-like substance that is getting thousands of views on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Aside from the recent popularity of these videos, parents are beginning...

Fidget devices sooth hyperactive minds

Hugh Lory ('17) spins a fidget spinner. The spinner has helped Lory use energy in class and pay attention.

Lauren Litsinger, Reporter

April 21, 2017

Sitting in the same uncomfortable chair for an hour and twenty minutes is boring. Students have discovered new toys to keep themselves from getting distracted. Spinners, fidget cubes, and TechDecks are being used to help students concentrate when listening to a lecture or trying to write a paper. Kids...

Conspiracy theories gain attention through social media

Anna DeLibro, Reporter

April 6, 2017

Conspiracy theories can be a controversial topic, you either believe them, or you don’t.  Some theories have gained a lot of traction in the past year or so, thanks to popular videos on YouTube and Instagram accounts featuring theories like the Mandela Effect, celebrity conspiracy theories, and government...

Style goes back in time

More and more students at Hereford wear jeans and Converses. This style was popular in the 90's.

Kyle Wetzelberger, Reporter

April 6, 2017

As the school year nears and end, and time keeps passing, so does the style of clothes among the students. It’s inevitable that style is going to change, but is it now making a complete circle? Jeans were a popular trend with teen age boys for a long time particularly is the 50’s through the 80’s....

Hungry Harvest hits Hereford

Chloe Parker, Reporter

April 6, 2017

If the amount of produce that is thrown out every day was saved and redistributed to the less fortunate, millions of people could be fed throughout the world.  According to the End Hunger Association, 133 billion pounds of produce went uneaten each year for the past several years just...

New trend brings back old memories

Lindsay Posner ('20) is wearing non-prescription glasses. She purchased these fake glasses at Claire's for five dollars.

Lindsay Clarke, Reporter

April 6, 2017

This latest trend may bring you back to your elementary school days when you had to have the latest hot pink fake glasses from Claire’s. Why wear glasses that don't aid your vision? Many students have asked this question when they are told that teens are wearing glasses without prescription for...

PrePOPped POPcorn gains POPularity

Photo by Jen Barranco

Sam Wanamaker ('18) and Jimmy Danielczyk ('18) hoard the last two bags of popcorn in journalism class.

Jen Barranco, Reporter

April 6, 2017

If you’d ask students a couple years ago what SkinnyPop, Boom Chicka Pop, Buddha Pop, or any other brand of healthy pre-popped popcorn, was most people would have no clue what you were talking about. But now almost half of the kids at my lunch table have plastic bags stuffed with the lightly salted...

Making a new name for art

Abstract art exhibited in a section at the AVAM. Several artists display a diversity in style, while following a similar pattern, unlike anything seen anywhere else.

Lily Cavallaro, Reporter

April 6, 2017

The city of Baltimore has a reputation unlike any other city in America. Our city bleeds purple in the fall, and orange any other time of the year, attracts millions all over the nation to our very own National Aquarium. Has made it to the big screen and back in productions such as “Hairspray” and...

Baltimore County Dance Festival

Dancers from Newtown High School rehearsing before their show later that day.

Chloe Parker, Reporter

March 26, 2017

Students from Carver, Dulaney, Milford Mill, Patapsco, Parkville, West Towson Elementary, Windsor Mill Middle, Franklin, Chatsworth Elementary, BCPS Men's Ensemble, Deer Park Middle, Lansdowne, Owings Mills, Sudbrook Middle, All County Honors Ensemble, Southwest, Perry Hall, and Newtown came to Herefor...

Technology hinders economic success

Lindsay Clarke, Reporter

March 10, 2017

It’s hard to balance a social life, academics, and extra-curricular activities. Despite being busy, many students spend any extra time on their phones, and this is impacting their grades. Most teens play games and post on social media, but few take advantage of the many resources that are available...

“La La Land” appeals to this sports fan

Brady McGee, Reporter

March 10, 2017

I get it. A white, straight male who usually is declaring who will be the next NBA MVP is writing a review for musical drama “La La Land.” It doesn’t make sense. I’m supposed to like action movies with explosions and gun fights. Don’t get me wrong, movies like that are great here and there...