Hereford Harbinger

Why the red face? Students discuss their embarrassing moments

Illustration by Amanda Rodier and graphic edited by Daniel Stewart

Lily Cavallaro, Reporter

March 14, 2018

Embarrassment is one of the most uncomfortable and awkward emotions one can feel. According to, embarrassment typically occurs following an accidental failure to meet accepted social standards. Unpleasant situations such as embarrassing moments alert self-consciousness, which is linked to internal ...

Spirited events could transition into traditions

Grace Jung ('18), Paige Johnson ('18), Emily Levitt ('18), Lydia Naughton ('18), and Kristen Mitchell ('18), celebrate the start of the year at Dulaney High School's annual senior barbecue. Students have been painting the rock since 1965.

Anna Jerrems, Reporter

March 14, 2018

From the ringing of the cowbells, to watching the bull mascot dance, there are plenty of ways that Hereford is spirited. But what goes back a little further than spirit? Tradition. Are there any traditions that have reigned tried and true for decades? Here are some schools that do. At Notre Dame Preparatory...

Living large: Students with big families give perspective

Ellie Clark ('21) and Jane Clark ('19) pose for a family photo. Ellie Clark said she looks up to her seven older siblings and strives to be successful like them.

Anna DeLibro, Reporter

March 14, 2018

According to, the average family consisted of 3.7 persons in 2017.  But what about the families who are not average?  Emma Fox (’20), Corinne Zibell (’19), and Ellie Clark (’21) all come from large families. How do large families function differently from smaller ones? Having many...

Music students attend The Maryland State Solo and Ensemble Festival

Nikki Lenhoff ('18) plays the viola in orchestra class led by music teacher Janet Sovich. Lenhoff performed in the Honors All-County Orchestra.

Nicole Burkoski, Reporter

March 14, 2018

The Maryland State Solo and Ensemble Festival is for soloists and small ensembles who would like to formally perform where they can be adjudicated. In comparison to this festival, the school's choir, orchestra, and band are required to go to Perry Hall every year in March to get adjudicated...

Students and teachers describe feminism in their own words

Lily Potter ('20) speaks out, advocating moderate feminism at Hereford.

Maggy Parks, Reporter

March 12, 2018

Although the Oxford Dictionary describes feminism as “the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes,” everyone has their own personal meaning of the word. I asked community members how they describe feminism, and this is what they said: “Feminism is allowing men and...

How to create the ideal Valentine’s Day look

Sierra Webb, Reporter

February 13, 2018

For the single ladies and taken ladies out there, Valentine’s Day is either the worst holiday of the year, or the best. This Valentine’s Day eye shadow look can be worn on a date night with your significant other, or a girl’s night out with all of your closest friends. A smoky, pink, and flirty...

Racism remains a conversation among students

Eve Moore ('18) and Justin Smith ('18) share a laugh during enrichment. Both students felt that racism is a problem at Hereford.

Anna Jerrems, Reporter

February 13, 2018

  Discussion of racial progress becomes a national conversation throughout Black History Month. However, due to a turbulent political year, the common belief is that a substantial amount of work is needed to be done in order to mend racial tensions and the social issues they’ve caused: police...

Violanti dresses to make dreams come true

Violanti entertains a birthday party dressed as Belle from

Libby May, Features Edior

February 13, 2018

Whether it be working at a grocery store, a farm, a retail store, or, let’s be honest, at The Milton Inn, many students have jobs to pay for gas and other expenses. But, not many can say that they earn gas money by transforming themselves into a Disney princess, entertaining children at birthday parties. Well,...

Art Society creates six panels for science wing

Members of the National Art Honors Society begin to fill the shapes with green paint. The finished panel was portrayed to represent a shall, to embody biology.

Anna DeLibro, Reporter

February 13, 2018

The National Art Honors Society (NAHS) is currently developing art panels to be displayed in the science wing. Art and science are fusing in an abstract way to represent 7 branches of science: anatomy, astronomy, biology, chemistry, earth science, physics, and social science. “If you walk through...

Skater Charlie Speno hits the half-pipe

Speno performs a

Libby May, Features Editor

January 16, 2018

“Skateboarding is training, but I don’t think of it as training. It’s fun.” Shaun White, professional skateboarder Born on the West Coast, skateboarding became popular in the 70’s. Originally, it began with transition skating, or “vert,” where riders move from the horizontal (on th...

Current AP students provide insight about classes

Kyle Lane ('21) registers for his 2018-2019 classes with Guidance Counselor Ellen Fitzkee. Students have the option to challenge themselves through AP courses.

Anna DeLibro, Reporter

January 16, 2018

Ever wonder what it's like to be in some of the hardest classes at Hereford?  With registration in progress, rising upperclassmen search for insight on which classes are best fit for them, especially since college is now in the forefront of their brains.  You are probably asking yourself "Will this...

Stranger Things gift guide

Stranger Things gift guide

Brady McGee, Reporter

January 16, 2018

3 Musketeers- Dustin’s and his pet demi-dog Dart’s favorite snack. “Seriously, I can just eat a whole bowl of nougat. Straight up.” $1.19 at 7/11 Walkie Talkies- Necessary for communication in the event of a Shadow monster taking over the world. $39.99 at RadioShack (Bob gives discounts f...