Hereford Harbinger

Spirit Club introduces new “captains”

Halli Powers, Reporter

November 30, 2018

The start of a new school year inevitably brings changes, and this year is no different. To kick off the 2018-2019 school year, aspects of school spirit have changed, including alterations to Pep Rally and Spirit Club. Rather than Student Council planning both Spirit Week and Pep Rally, the role of...

Local spa and salon reopens under new management

Katie Salko, Features Editor

November 16, 2018

Elizabeth Jacob Spa and Salon is, as its website says, a “hidden gem” within Baltimore County. Located off of Frederick Road, the salon is only six minutes from the school, and is currently under new management. Bella Cavallaro’s (‘21) parents Angela and Mark Cavallaro and aunt Amy Henneman...

New course prepares students for college

Students collaborate among each other, attempting to identify the argument, claims, and evidence in an argumentative article. This is part of the students’ daily routine in Seminar, helping them get used to what they would be doing for the AP test.

Midori Day, Reporter

November 16, 2018

A new course called Advanced Placement (AP) Capstone was introduced into College Board in the fall of 2014 and implemented in schools starting in 2017. The course was created to allow students to conduct their own research projects with a topic of choice, to collaborate among the other students of the...

2019 prom changes are unfair

2019 prom changes are unfair

Maggy McGuigan and Midori Day

May 31, 2018

Nationwide, Prom has always been a day that students have dreamt about. Most people would consider this as one of the most memorable moments of high school. The changes the county has recently made prohibit seniors from holding the prom anywhere outside the Baltimore County area, and separate the...

DEWing the dewy skin spring makeup look

DEWing the dewy skin spring makeup look

Sierra Webb, Reporter

May 9, 2018

Warm weather is approaching, flowers are blossoming, and the nights are getting lighter: spring is in the air. With summer just around the corner, dewy and natural skin is a necessity for the warmer weather. Taking Maybelline’s CC cream concealer, I apply the product on my eyelids and then blend...

Mackenzie Greenwood opens Little Free Pantry

Mackenzie Greenwood is awarded he William Donald Schaffer Helping People Award by State Comptroller Peter Franchot. She was the youngest Marylander to win this award.

Sydney Powell, Reporter

May 9, 2018

Take a second. Think back on those wonderful, carefree, ordinary afternoons after getting home from elementary school, of going home, relaxing, maybe taking a nap, and then going outside to meet friends for a game or two of hide and seek. Fifth-grader Mackenzie Greenwood, daughter of social studies teacher...

Hannah O’Brien carries on family riding tradition

Hannah O'Brien ('19) jumps a fence while fox hunting with Mount Caramel Hunt Club.  She started fox hunting before she started show jumping.

Sarah Borton, Reporter

May 9, 2018

Some athletes have grown up with a ball at their feet or a lacrosse stick in their hand, but Hannah O'Brien ('19) has had a horse by her side. "I live on a horseback farm, so I've been riding my whole life," O'Brien said. Both of her parents are involved with horseback riding and the family owns...

Fortnite- popular game provides titillating time

Grace Clarke, Managing Editor

May 9, 2018

  To any adult, the newest battle video game looks like any other – fighting, shooting, and violence. But the latest craze, Fortnite Battle Royale, has several features that are keeping millions of young adults addicted. The main objective of this game is to reach Victory Royale, which is...

“Glow” crazy at this year’s spring underclassmen dance

Informational advertisements for the Glow Dance are posted throughout the hallways and on social media.

Anna DeLibro, Reporter

May 7, 2018

Student Council will be organizing a spring “Glow Dance” that is set for Saturday, April 28. The dance will be neon and glow in the dark themed, and invites all grade levels to attend. The theme was decided by Sophomore Class President, Brooke Wilson (’20) and other officers. “We wanted something...

NAHS members display their work at annual art show

Hereford graduates set up their displays for the annual art show in the caffeteria. The AP Studio students showed off their portfolios to guests.

Nicole Burkoski, Reporter

May 7, 2018

Students in the National Art Honor Society (NAHS) will attend the art show and auction in order to display and promote their work. As students present their art work in the cafeteria, different judges with a background in art come to evaluate the works. Before the show and auction, an induction...

Students display their choreography at annual spring dance recital

Megan Loomis ('18), Lily Albanese ('18), Gillian Tiralla ('18), Katrina Villanueva ('18), and Grace Isennock ('18) pose for a picture before their last winter performance. They will be performing on April 12 in their last ever high school performance.

Lily Cavallaro, Reporter

May 7, 2018

Dance teacher Erin Norton’s dance program is performing during their annual spring recital in the auditorium on April 12. In comparison to the most recent winter recital, with the spring show comes nostalgia of past performances for the graduating seniors. “Compared to my freshman year, I’m...

Brightly colored hair becomes more mainstream

Gaige DuBois ('19) takes a selfie to show off her newly colored purple hair. After three attempts to perfect the look, she was pleased.

Emma Charles, Reporter

May 7, 2018

You’re shopping in the grocery store and a woman taps you on the shoulder to ask where she can find some Bagel Bites. She has bright blue hair. Don’t lie, your eyes are going to linger maybe a second too long. “What’s her story,” you wonder. What made her decide to ditch her natural hair color? Odds...