Car of the month: Graham Cullsion

 Photo by Chad McCartin

Graham Cullison(12) is the owner of a 1983 944 Porsche that reaches up to 150 mph. He bought this car for $4,000 from an older neighbor of his in April of this year.

By Haley Gilmore

     Have you ever wondered who drives that Porsche on the lot with historic tags? That’s Graham Cullison’s (12) Porsche. It is a 1983 944 Porsche to be exact.

     This silver piece of history goes up to 150 mph, although Graham has only gotten it up to 120 mph. Graham got his car in April from an old neighbor who had no use for it anymore. He paid $4,000 for it. That’s a fantastic price for a Porsche!

     For an older car, this Porsche gets great gas mileage. It averages about 32 mpg highway.

     “Sometimes the clutch sticks, but other than that it’s an awesome car!” says Sasha Packy (11).

     There are only two bad things about this car; it doesn’t have cup holders and there is not enough space in the back to fit people, so it’s primarily a two-seater. Even though Graham does not like these two aspects, he loves the fact that it’s a stick shift.

     “It rides really low to the ground so when you go up a hill you can’t see anything,” said Jon Chalker (12). This could be bad, but that’s what makes this car a classic.

     Graham is lucky to own a Porsche at such a young age because some people don’t get the chance to own one in their life. If you have yet to see Graham’s classic, check it out on the lot!