Speaker series motivates students

On Monday, October 14th, David Levy came to Hereford High School to talk about enthusiaasm and self-motivation.

A new addition to youth leadership activities at Hereford, the club HHS Speaker Series aims to bring public speakers to Hereford that have a powerful message to bring to the students.

Created by Adriana Culotta (11), the club “make[s] sure the speakers are engaging, funny, and have a good message to bring to students” she said. Her inspiration for starting the club was attending HOBY, Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership, as well as a desire to make a difference in the community.

The first speaker to come to Hereford High was David Levy, who spoke about positivity, enthusiasm, and how to be a positive leader. “I was really excited about the feedback and the spirit in the school” she said, regarding the reactions from the students after Levy came to Hereford.

Tyler Graybill (11) also attended HOBY and helps to lead the new organization. Pertaining to HHS Speaker Series, he says, “it provides students with a safe environment to speak with enthusiasm and confidence.”

All of the speakers that are invited to speak at Hereford are from HOBY and are able to communicate a good message to the students in an effective way. “They won’t bore you,” says Tyler.

Their next speaker will be Todd Cavallaro, the head lacrosse coach at Franklin and Marshall College. He will be coming to speak about pushing past obstacles to reach a goal.

If you wish to learn more about HHS Speaker Series, the club meets every other Friday, for both halves of enrichment in Mr. Tillman’s room.