Crime on Campus


Graphic by Joe Donatelli



Between September and October, multiple felonies have occured on campus. The first crime occured on September 12 and the last crime, as of October 30, occured on October 13. The incidents, which entail the theft of $10, 974 worth of construction equipment, have occured late at night or early in the morning. Detectives have no leads or suspects at this time.


2nd degree burglary:

  •  $5,085 copper wire from Star Electric’s shipping container
  •  $350 from Tillman Painting’s fuel was siphoned


  •    $1096 of copper wire and fuel stolen from Star Electric


2nd degree burglary:

  •    $3,443 of Baltimore County Grounds Crew’s lawn equipment
  •    $1000 of miscellaneous tools from Star Electric’s shipping container
  •    2 welders from BCPS shipping container


Total: 3 different days when items were stolen;  $10,974 worth of equipment