Winter sports are continuing to be jeopardized

Natalie Burger, Reporter

With Covid cases rising and Covid restrictions becoming stricter, winter sports at Hereford are continuing to be on thin ice. Players were told to take an extra week off after Hereford students came back from break due to the extreme rise in Covid-19 cases. Additionally, there is a new rule where each basketball player can only have two family members watch their game, bringing back the online tickets, and indoor track athletes are not allowed to have any visitors watch them run, although track meets are recorded and can be watched later by audiences. 

Not only did Covid take away from winter athletes season practices, but winter break took off many practices, along with unexpected snow days, as well as the other two virtual preparation days. The winter athlete’s season has been disrupted as practices are now just slipping away. 

Nothing is certain anymore with Covid being a huge part of our everyday lives. It continues to jeopardize us every day. We wake up every morning, wondering whether it will be the last day of in-person school or if it’s your last practice or your last game. Covid may be a pain to high school students, but at least there are positives that come from it.  

Covid reminds us that nothing lasts forever, and nothing is definite. It reminds us to live everyday like it is our last. We never know when Covid can take something away from us. As we have all lived through the corona virus for some time now, we have learned to appreciate everything we are given and live like every day is the last.  

So now with the shortened winter sports schedule, athletes will give it their best, and take in every game and practice they attend and continue to do what they love.