New lunch seating divides students

Caroline Daily, Co Editor-in-Chief

The new seating for the lunch periods to accommodate the increase in Covid-19 cases was put in place to keep students in school. The new seating arrangements divide students into the auditorium and cafeteria.  

The division of the students is supposed to help the problem of so many people sitting close together without masks. By following the social distance of six feet recommended by health professionals, Hereford is continuing to keep their staff and students safe.  

However, the seats in the auditorium are only every other seat with the possibility of being right behind another student, and the seats in the cafeteria are four per table all facing the same way. Even though students are spread out using all the space the school has is still a risk for getting the virus. 

Over 15 schools in Maryland have gone virtual and plan to stay that way until mid-January. Hereford has been able to keep everyone in school even after winter break, and the divide of the lunchrooms could be the reason for it.  

Seating can only do so much, and how much control does Hereford have over students going to their designated lunch areas or not?  

Even though students got sent out the schedule explaining where they are supposed to go based on their homerooms, the teachers have no way of checking if students follow it. If students decide to go to a different area to be with friends, they risk the safety of themselves and other students by overpopulating the lunch areas. 

The seating may seem like a nuisance to some and a necessity to others when new Covid-19 precautions are taken at Hereford. However, this ever-changing environment is something that students are starting to get used to, and the seating is just another one of those changes.  

Following the new guidelines will allow students to stay in school as the new variants of the virus continue to spread. Whether students follow the new seating is up to their own judgement.