Thrift shopping bolsters adolescent consumerism

Sophie Shive, Reporter

Style is important. People can claim to not judge a book by its cover, but everyone creates personality assumptions based on clothing selection. No one does it maliciously. Clothes are just the first impression people get. Nike, LuluLemon, South Moon Under, and Shein are some of the most popular name brands people choose to wear. While their clothing is stylish, it’s expensive; A pair of LuluLemon leggings could cost as much as a teen’s weekly paycheck. Finding clothes that feel comfortable and fit a style shouldn’t cost a fortune. However, Target and Walmart, cheaper department store selections lack unique designs. Thrift stores offer cheap prices, however unlike department stores, they offer a variety of different clothing types. People looking to save some money should try these three stores


Savers’ huge selection and cheap prices makes it the go to thrift store. It’s impossible to leave without finding something. Books, shoes, games, records, jewelry, sports equipment – name it Savers has it. The store’s clothing section offers good quality, stylish, size ranging, and even some name brand options for all ages and genders. Savers’ dress section never fails to impress, offering prom and homecoming dresses for cheap; Shoppers can find prom and homecoming dresses and shoes for under $30. For those looking for something specific, Savers’ wide variety has something to offer. Savers even has a return policy for their clothing; if the outfit doesn’t turn out, return it. 


While it is the most popular thrift store, Goodwill offers a bevy of useful items. Hundreds of people donate to Goodwill every day, which means a constant flow of new options. The store itself isn’t as cheap as Savers, but the prices are still low. A lot of name brand companies will even donate an entire crate of clothing if it’s recalled. Goodwill prioritizes customer services in particular their clothing organization; so take some time and look through their racks.

Hereford Zone Online Yardsale

This option takes a little more work than just driving to the store. The online yard sale is a community group on Facebook. To reach the yardsale users must log into Facebook and join the Hereford Online Yardsale Group. On the site people put things up for sale and the first person to comment “interested” gets dibs. The luxury of purchasing and selling through people and not a company is the ability to bargain for lower prices. Although there aren’t as many options as an actual thrift store, it’s still worth a look. Parents put up clothing their children have outgrown or no longer want, especially hereford apparel. Those looking to find a specific item can even make a post inquiring about it and other users can comment. 

Thrift stores can’t promise to always have something in stock, but for those seeking cheaper, maybe even one of a kind pieces, thrift stores are worth looking through before spending a fortune. People who choose to express themselves through clothing shouldn’t have to struggle to find affordable options.