Science department reinvigorates students

Henry Hottenstein, Reporter

With many students losing academic skills over the pandemic, the science department is working hard to get kids back into science. Over the pandemic students lost their ability to be independent learners. 

Science department chair Mr. Jean Paul Bibaud noticed students rely on “random bull from the internet in their work” rather than independently finding data.

“[I plan to] Make the BCPS curriculum more meaningful and evidence based,” Bibaud said.

He will accomplish this through research, experimentation, and CERs.

The science department is getting kids to engage in their science learning by collecting and analyzing data. Labs are an important part of that process, and something many students missed over the pandemic.

After a few years without labs Dr. Thomas Keller noticed that many students need extra help conducting labs and making procedures. Although these students are struggling Keller also noticed that students are still eager to learn science. He accredits this to the interesting course material. Some of the labs that have been done involve mealworms, daphnia magna, spinach, and genetic modification which captures the attention of students.

Students have also been struggling with completing assignments. Classes like AP biology have large amounts of work given for outside of school. It can be tricky for students to find time to get everything done.

“I’d recommend setting up a schedule for assignments and to study,” AP biology student Shivam Tripathi (’24) said. 

AP biology gave Tripathi and many other students the opportunity to improve their notetaking and study habits as well as get to know people through the various group activities the class offers.

The science department offers many unique opportunities for students at Hereford. Students can receive cross disciplinary instruction with the ag greenhouse or the animals. The department also offers many challenging courses like AP Biology and AP Physics.