Chorale class takes on Halloween with spooky tunes


Mr. Sobel and Ella Casper (‘23), Haley Hamel (‘24), Tabatha Maenner (‘24), and Fiona Coulby (‘24), perform Old Abram Brown to celebrate Halloween with an odd and spooky tune.

In Mr. David Sobel’s period 4B chorale class, students celebrate their Halloween spirit by performing a spooky song while also putting finishing touches on their winter concert music.  

The class’s easy-going environment filled with confident students allows them to have fun and speak their minds. Mr. Sobel’s interactive personality is what allows the students to feel comfortable in a creative arts class.  

“He makes it fun, it’s not a class that I don’t want to go to,” said Lyndsy Axe (’24). “It creates a happy environment.” 

Axe mentions that having such a small class allows the students to get closer, making it easier for them to perform as a group. 

They started off the class with warm-ups, and followed up with background on their new song, Old Abram Brown, composed by Benjamin Britten. They listened to the original recording and got their first impressions, which mainly consisted of them making comments about how creepy it was and the nightmares they would have that night. 

After having a few laughs together, the group joined Mr. Sobel and his piano and started singing the song for the first time. The student performers had little fear of trying out the song on their own. They soon received some guidance and critiques so they showed off their musical talents.  

Once they finished their Halloween fun, they continued to prepare for the upcoming winter concert. They have been have practicing for about three weeks, so they are not rushing to try and put on a great show under a time crunch.  

Their preparation and dedication to chorale allows them to do other fun music outside of their concert music. This allows them to have a little break from their in-class concert practice.  

 The class has the opportunity throughout the year to have fun and let loose a bit while still ensuring they are prepared for the upcoming Winter Performance.