A new sign debuts at the Hereford track

Sophie Shive, Reporter

For those who haven’t been to the Hereford turf field recently, a sign was placed on the wall in between the male and female restroom doors. The sign was made by an unnamed company and donated by the Schmidt family.  

The Schmidt family’s four children participated in Hereford sports, some even holding records. After their youngest graduated last year, they wanted to give back to a program that gave so much to them.   

“This sign has been in the works for two years,” a representative of Hereford High School Sports Boosters said. “Everyone wanted a sign that signified a gathering place; ‘a bull pen.’” 

The boosters wanted the sign ready for the 2021 homecoming football game. The homecoming game was changed from Friday Oct. 29th to Thursday Oct. 28th due to inclement weather. Therefore, representatives from the sports boosters, a few helping hands, Coach Kalisz, and the Schmidt family worked hard on Wednesday Oct. 27th to hang the new sign.   

The sign also features two cow bells located on either side. The sports boosters as well as the Schmidt family hope the cow bells will be used to create a tradition, like when a point is scored. Before the homecoming football game, Junior Varsity players lined up and took turns ringing the bell for good luck.

The sign symbolizes Hereford’s unity in the community. When people walk up to the track, they’ll know they entered Hereford.