Hereford Theatre to perform The Alibis

Sophie Shive, Reporter

This year the Hereford theatre department will perform The Alibis. With only four weeks to prepare and Covid-19 safety regulations to follow, theatre needed an easy to put together, socially distanced, yet entertaining play.  

The play is separated into 17 scenes, which are divided amongst the four weeks of preparation. This allows small groups to gather rather than large ones, during after-school practices. Although the entire cast will not get together again until final rehearsal, Theatre Advisor, Mr. Chris Rose conducted a read through of the script during the first two meetings, so everyone was familiar with the play and one another. 

Each scene will feature simple designs with a few props. Different colored lights will be operated by the lighting crew to stage the scenes. Props that are used will be reused from previous years. Staging crew is staging scenes that allow actors to perform while maintaining at least three feet from others.  

Although everyone is excited to be back on stage in front of an audience, the theatre department is still prioritizing safety. Not only will social distancing be enforced, but all crew, cast, and audience members will wear masks. For the show, the first five rows will be empty, and Families will keep an empty seat between them and others.  

“I hope to see a bunch of people there,” Mr. Rose said. “It’s been such a long time since we’ve had people in the auditorium for a show, having a good time.” 

The show will play Thursday, Nov. 18 and Friday, Nov. 19. Tickets will be sold on the theatre website,, and in person. If anyone wants to participate in future shows, there are forms on the auditorium door; completed forms should be returned to Mr. Ryan Pillius or Mr. Rose.