Bulls out blow-out: Seniors complete pep rally rout


Sophie Shive

The senior crowd celebrates after a dominant victory. This marked the second consecutive pep rally victory for head coach Vaun Neusinger.

Jake Epstein, Content Editor

Students entering Bulls Stadium were met with clear skies and 60-degree temperatures. The classes packed their sideline areas with their respective class colors, as pregame proceedings went on without a hitch. Fall sport captains were announced and ran through a tunnel of cheerleaders, where each team put on a quick introduction. The chamber choir then sang the national anthem, where the senior crowd let out a roaring “oh.”

The ultimate frisbee matchup initiated with a pull and the teams were off and running. The first few minutes saw a feeling out period with numerous turnovers and broken plays before the seniors got on the board. Buoyed by a massive first half performance by Nathan “Big Nate” Van Note (’22), the senior team extended their lead to four points to none.

“I wish we got six or seven [points] but they’re still at nil—no points—which I love,” senior head coach Vaun Neusinger said on his team’s first half performance.

Optimism on the senior sideline was sky high as half-time proceedings began. The Dance Company and the cheerleading squad put on highly impressive performances, especially since they found themselves on artificial turf instead of their usual stomping grounds.

Coach Jim Rhoads then announced the winners of the homecoming royalty court who were as follows: Ryan Fowler (’25), Sofia Speno (’25), Isabel Larichuta (’24), Eddie Shamus (’24), Sam Snyder (’23), Madeline Stead (’23), Alden Goetz (’22), and Mike Goetz (’22).

Following these announcements, numerous underclassmen felt their team still had a fighting chance of upsetting the seniors.

“We did horribly, but it was on purpose, to psyche them out,” Valerie Onyango (’25) said. “We’re working our hardest and just need to connect more short passes; we can definitely win this game.”

Despite the positive attitudes and tactical shifts, the underclassmen struggled to corral Mike “Chapo” Goetz and saw many offensive opportunities thwarted by James “Moose” Traynor (’22). The game turned a bit chippy towards the end with the underclassmen sending in numerous ineligible players and, in response, coach Vaun sending himself into the game.

“It wasn’t much of a challenge, and we kept pounding it in,” Goetz said. “We had a lot of chemistry and tossed the frisbee around a bit; it really showed on the field.”

The game ended in a seven-to-one victory for the seniors, with Arnob Khan (’23), the unofficial MVP, scoring the lone underclassmen tally. It appeared that the youth and tenacity of the young Bulls, led by valiant performances by Evan Delibro (’24) and Adam Green (’24), was no match for the squad depth displayed by the seniors.

Such a resounding victory proved a perfect way for the seniors to begin passing the torch to the class of 2023. As the final whistle blew, the seniors rushed the field, hoisting up various classmates, including coach Vaun and Grayson McManus (’22). Among the postgame festivities, posters of Tobey Maguire hailed as the best Spiderman and Principal Joe Jira displayed with the senior slogan “Bulls Out,” were held up, as the victorious class took their final victory lap around the field.

“It was a great team win and you can’t be anything but pleased after that,” Joe Sheckells, who battled through a painful hand injury throughout the game, said. “What a great way to go out, bulls up: bulls out.”

Mac Tiller (’22) leads on-field celebrations after the final whistle. Tiller served as one of the seniors’ key facilitators. (Sophie Shive)
Numerous seniors rush the field in the final seconds. Logan Sinsebox (pictured in the football helmet) won the inaugural J-dog Fan of the Game Award, as voted by his peers. (Sophie Shive)