Harvard and Yale Under Investigation

On Wednesday, February 12th, the U.S Department of Education (DOE) announced it is opening an investigation into Yale and Harvard universities for failing to disclose hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts and gifts from foreign donors.

They are being accused of not reporting donations of more than $250,000. Reporting this is required by law under the Higher Education Act. Yale supposedly failed to disclose $375 million in foreign money and Harvard is accused of not fully reported their foreign related gifts.

Yale is under allegations of not reporting any foreign donations from 2014 to 2017. The DOE is requesting all records from the school related to gifts or contracts from places like China, Saudi Arabia, and Saudi Nationals.

The DOE addressed Harvard as well, taking into account the recent arrest of Charles Lieber, the chair of the university’s Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, for making false statements to the U.S Department of Defense about his ties to a Chinese government program.

Harvard and Yale are still under investigation.